Right now (November 2015), we’re about 80% into our trip around the world. I’d say time flies, but in all honesty we’ve been so many places, and seen so many things…January seems so long ago!

Here’s an update on where we’ve been, with a few notable changes from our original plans. Some of those changes were due to visa regulations (looking at you, Schengen and Brazil…). Others came from recommendations by travelers we’ve met along the way (how could we pass on the opportunity to see a newly active volcano?!). And others still came from…well, life. Throughout the course of the year we’ve learned to be more flexible, embracing new opportunities and letting go of others. It’s been an amazing journey and we really appreciate all of you that have been following along.


The Beginning: January through May, 2015

First, we are heading south for beaches, ancient ruins, giant tortoises, and some of the world’s best malbec in Central and South America.

 The Middle: May through September, 2015

After a brief stop back in the US we will head across the Atlantic for our first time to explore Europe and some of the world’s most famous wine regions.

  • SpainMay & June – Barcelona, El Camino de Santiago: Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela, Cies Islands
  • PortugalJune – Porto
  • FranceJune – Bordeaux, Paris
  • The UK – July & August – Britain: Wolverhampton, London, Stonehenge, Oxford & Windsor Castle; Scotland: Glencoe, Loch Ness, Glasgow
  • IrelandJuly & August – Dublin, Kilarney, Kilkenny
  • The NetherlandsJuly – Amsterdam, Zaandam
  • SwedenJuly – Stockholm, Gällnö
  • NorwayJuly – Oslo, Gudvangen, Voss, Bergen
  • CroatiaAugust Korčula
  • MontenegroAugust – Kotor, Ulcinj
  • Italy – August & September – Bari, Venice, Bologna, Montepulciano, Naples, Rome

The End: September through December, 2015

We will be finishing out our travels in Asia and the South Pacific before heading back home to San Francisco at the end of the year.

  • South Korea – September – Seoul, Boseong, Busan, Gyeongju
  • Indonesia – October – Bali
  • Thailand – November – Bangkok, Koh Tao
  • TBD – November & December – we are purposely leaving the last couple months open for one last dose of spontenaity! Some ideas that we’re floating around: Cambodia, Thailand (the north and south), Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Australia, Hawaii.

The Future: 2016 and Beyond

Although we do plan to return home to San Francisco, we want to continue to make travel a priority in our lives. Here are some of the places at the top of our list, in no particular order:

  • Brazil – for the Amazon River
  • Bolivia – for the history
  • Iceland – for the scenery
  • Slovenia – for the wine and mountains
  • South Africa – for the wine
  • Northern Sweden & Norway – for the Northern Lights
  • Western Africa – for the wildlife
  • Eastern Europe – for the history and up-and-coming wine regions
  • Southeast Asia – for the food

Do you have a favorite travel destination? Are you interested in going to any of these places with us? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Jess

    1. Let me know where in Thailand you’re going. We have recommendations in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Krabi!
    2. If your schedule shifts we’ll be in Paris starting Sept 8.
    3. Top Paris recommendations – Allard for dinner (classic french), Aux Trois Mailletz for a super fun (not touristy) cabaret

    1. 1. We’ll be in Thailand in the fall so we haven’t planned many details quite yet, but I think we’ll most likely hit all 3 of those. Would love recommendations!
      2. Ok! We’ll keep you posted. We’re considering a train pass for Europe so we can easily hop around. Is this your honeymoon, or another trip?
      3. Yum, thanks!! Can’t wait to try them all.

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