Kim and Kyle North Rim Grand Canyon
Kim and Kyle North Rim Grand Canyon

We met in college at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) in Rochester, NY and began dating in 2005. After graduating we moved to Boston for a few years, had decent jobs and were trying to find our way. After getting married in 2010, we packed everything up and moved West to California. San Francisco to be exact. This is where we finally felt like we were home. We found our home, in the niche-filled city by the bay, close to wine country, the ocean, snowboarding, and among many wonderful friends.

After a little over 4 years in SF, we are taking the plunge and attempting to fulfill what has been a long time dream of ours: travel. Our goal is 1 year of traveling, no places we have ever been before, making complete loop around the world.

We are both very active people, easily bored and more easily distracted. Living in San Francisco has given us the opportunity to explore a lot of great hikes and scenery. We walk every where we can, our feet are our favorite mode of transportation. With that in mind, we plan to explore some of the world’s best hikes and see the places most people will only see pictures of on the internet (we’ll be the ones to post them).

This is our adventure, this is our life. Join us?


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Pamela Truitt

    Can’t wait to follow your adventure. Be careful and enjoy every minute! We love you, Aunt Pam & Uncle Tim. ps you were right about Hula pie!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to following your trips. Kim, I wish I had more time with you in Lima, but I will share my Camino notes soon. Nancy from DenverCO &TrujilloPeru!
    My blog is on WordPress too. lastplaceilooked.wordpress.com

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